Audi A2 1.6 FSI 110HP manual vs Honda City IV 1.3 95HP manual

Audi A2 1.6 FSI 110HP manual

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14 reasons for

Audi A2, model available from 1999 to 2005.
It has 1.6 FSI 110HP petrol engine produced from 2002 to 2005.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

6 reasons for

Honda City IV, model available from 1999 to 2002.
It has 1.3 95HP petrol engine produced from 1999 to 2002.
Drive on the front axle has manual gearbox.

Honda City IV 1.3 95HP manual

14 reasons for Audi A2 1.6 FSI 110KM manual in comparison to Honda City IV 1.3 95HP manual

Reasons for

Maximal power

110 > 95 hp
The horsepower of the Audi A2 is by 16 % bigger when compared to the Honda City IV. While the difference is small this should not affect the vehicles performance considerably.

Average consumption

5.7 > 6.8 l
The Audi burns up 16 percent less fuel in the combined cycle in comparison to the Honda City IV. The Audi A2, which is palced in „subcompact” segment consumes by 0.3 l less fuel than the average in its segment. The average fuel consumption in this class in the combined cycle is 6 l.

Maximal torque

155 > 119 Nm
The Audi has 30 % more torque than the Honda. Although a great deal of people do not appreciate the maximum torque when buying a automobile, it reflects the best how a car acclerates. As far as these two vehicles are cars the difference is quite big and for that reason the Audi A2 1.6 FSI 110HP manual will provide you with better feeling of driving.

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

9.8 > 11.3 s
The Audi A2 accelerates from 0 to 100 Km/h in 9.8 s, which is 1.5 s than the Honda City IV. However the difference is not as much significant to be taken into account when buying a vehicle.

Top speed

202 > 171 km/h
The top speed of the ​​Audi is greater in relation to the Honda by 31 km/h, which allows the Audi to overcome quicker large stretches of highway. The difference at the level of 31 kilometers per hour is small and will be negligible in everyday driving.

Maximal torque RPM

4,500 > 4,700 revolutions/minute
A greater range and a lower number of rotations at which the highest torque is delivered determines an engine’s performance. However, to get a whole view on an engine efficiency, it is always good to analyze a torque performance graph.

Engine capacity

1,597 > 1,344 cc
The Audi has by 253 cc larger engine capacity when compared to the Honda. This play a little role in terms of acceleration, as both figures does not vary much.

Number of doors

5 > 4
A 5-door car usually is a hatchback (however estate cars also count as 5-door cars) and because of that the Audi A2, where you can open up the boot lid and fold flat the back seats making more room, has the edge on the four-door Honda City IV with the hinges for the boot that opens under the rear window.

Price range

luxury > popular


1,554 > 1,397 mm
If you are a tall driver or you tend to carry in the trunk stuffs of big size, the Audi A2 1.6 FSI 110HP manual, which is by 11 percent higher than the Honda, is appropriate option for you. However, compared cars do not differ much in its height and it should not be much observable.

Maximal power RPM

5,800 > 6,400 revolutions/minute

Front track

1,465 > 1,456 mm

End of model sale

2005 > 2002

Curb weight

991 > 937 kg


6 reasons for Honda City IV 1.3 95KM manual in comparison to Audi A2 1.6 FSI 110HP manual

Reasons for


1,690 > 1,673 mm
The width of the vehicle influences directly on passanger's inner room and driving stability. The Honda City IV 1.3 95HP manual is 17 mm wider when compared to the Audi. It is often clearly perceptible by those sitting in front, who have more room for their elbows.


682 > 356 km

Fuel tank

46 > 20 l
The difference in fuel tank capacity between compared cars, which amounts to 130 percent, is to the Audi's disadvantage. With its mixed fuel consumption of 5.7 l L/100Km the Audi allows to cover 356 kilometers without need of refueling. The Honda City IV with its fuel tank of dimensions of 46 l makes it possible to run over 682 km burning on average in the combined cycle of 6.8 l liters per 100 km.


2,492 > 2,405 mm
The wheelbase of a vehicle is the length between its front and rear wheels. The wheelbase notably affects the driving due to better vehicle's weight distribution. Honda City IV has 4 % longer wheelbase distance in comparison to Audi A2 1.6 FSI 110HP manual. Wheelbase dimensions are important to the stability and steering. Hence, the mass of Honda City IV should be better distributed and driving should be smoother and safer.


4,226 > 3,831 mm
The Honda City IV is 10 % longer than the Audi A2. The length of the vehicle is important in terms of driving comfort and room in the trunk. The Honda preasumbly will be offering to it's users more space for legs. Aditionally the Honda City IV will be better driven but the Audi A2 1.6 FSI 110HP manual will be a slightly easier to park because of shorter length .

Rear track

1,455 > 1,427 mm

Cars specifications

Audi A2 1.6 FSI 110HP manual Honda City IV 1.3 95HP manual
    Price range luxury popular
    Model release date 1999 1999
    Facelifting no no
    Class B B
    Payload 1,505 kg -

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