Chrysler Daytona 2.2 i 100HP vs Subaru XT 1.8 i 4WD 120HP manual 4x4

Chrysler Daytona 2.2 i 100HP

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6 reasons for

Chrysler Daytona, model available from 1984 to 1993.
It has 2.2 i 100HP petrol engine produced from 1984 to 1986.
Drive has manual gearbox.

5 reasons for

Subaru XT, model available from 1987 to 1992.
It has 1.8 i 4WD 120HP petrol engine produced from 1988 to 1992.
Drive 4x4 has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

Subaru XT 1.8 i 4WD 120HP manual 4x4

6 reasons for Chrysler Daytona 2.2 i 100KM in comparison to Subaru XT 1.8 i 4WD 120HP manual 4x4

Reasons for

Trunk capacity

485 > 316 l
The Chrysler features 169 l bigger luggage compartment in relation to the Subaru XT 1.8 i 4WD 120HP manual 4x4. Such a difference is big and it will matters when it comes to the comfort of the car’s usage. At the same time that the Chrysler Daytona has 215 liters bigger trunk capacity than the average in the same class. Bigger trunk will be useful during family traveling and also while daily driving.


1,755 > 1,692 mm
The width of the car influences on passanger's inner room as well as driving stability. The Chrysler is 4 % wider when compared to the Subaru XT. It is often clearly perceptible by driver and passenger in front, who have more room for their elbows.


2,471 > 2,469 mm
The Chrysler Daytona 2.2 i 100HP has 2 mm longer wheelbase than Subaru XT. Thanks to this the Chrysler is safer and has a better stability. What is more, longer wheelbase affects convenient and more comfortable riding.


4,560 > 4,449 mm
The Chrysler is 111 mm longer when compared to the Subaru XT. Long cars have more interior space and in most cases have plenty of trunk space. Although the Chrysler Daytona 2.2 i 100HP occurs to be better pick for families or persons who love the idea of comfortable driving that make them feel fresh and relaxed upon arriving, the Subaru may be more appropriate to city drivers because it will not cause troubles with parking and will be easier for turning in narrow streets.

Number of doors

3 > 2
An owner of the Chrysler has a one door more as a tailgate. It will enable him to put stuff into a boot in easier manner, especialy when we are talking about things of big size. Passages of both cars who want to seat in the rear need to get in a car through a front door which needs folding a front seat.

End of model sale

1993 > 1992


5 reasons for Subaru XT 1.8 i 4WD 120KM manual 4x4 in comparison to Chrysler Daytona 2.2 i 100HP

Reasons for

Maximal power

120 > 100 hp
The horsepower of the Subaru XT 1.8 i 4WD 120HP manual 4x4 is by 20 hp grater when compared to the Chrysler Daytona. While the difference is small this should not affect the vehicles performance to a large extent.

Fuel tank

61 > 52 l
In the aspect of fuel tank size it is the Subaru XT which can carry 9 liters more fuel in comparison to the Chrysler. The medium fuel container capacity in the sports cars class, from which the Subaru XT 1.8 i 4WD 120HP manual 4x4 comes from, is 68 liters, whereas in S segment (represented by the Chrysler Daytona) it is 68 l.

Model release date

1987 > 1984
Given that the Chrysler was launched only 3 years prior to the Subaru XT, the gap between technology applied in both vehicles is not really huge, however, the Subaru XT might feature a bit more advanced solutions applied in it.


1,334 > 1,285 mm
If you are a tall driver or you happen to carry in the trunk stuffs of large dimensions, the Subaru XT, which is by 49 mm higher than the Chrysler Daytona, is better choice for you. However, compared vehicles do not vary much in its height and it should not be much perceptible.

Number of seats

5 > 4

Cars specifications

Chrysler Daytona 2.2 i 100HP Subaru XT 1.8 i 4WD 120HP manual 4x4
    Price range popular popular
    Model release date 1984 1987
    Facelifting no no
    Class S S
    End of model sale 1993 1992
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