Mercedes A-Class W176 45 AMG 360HP automatic 4x4 vs Citroen Berlingo II Van 1.6 HDI 75HP manual

Mercedes A-Class W176 45 AMG 360HP automatic 4x4

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18 reasons for

Mercedes A-Class W176, model available from 2012.
It has 45 AMG 360HP ic petrol engine produced from 2013.
Drive 4x4 has automatic, 7 speed gearbox.

16 reasons for

Citroen Berlingo II Van, model available from 2008.
It has 1.6 HDI 75HP diesel engine produced from 2008.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

Citroen Berlingo II Van 1.6 HDI 75HP manual

18 reasons for Mercedes Klasa A W176 45 AMG 360KM automat 4x4 in comparison to Citroen Berlingo II Van 1.6 HDI 75HP manual

Reasons for

Maximal power

360 > 75 hp
The Citroen Berlingo II Van noticeably gives way to the Mercedes in the category of amount of horses under the hood having them by 285 horsepowers less. As a result the engine installed in the Mercedes A-Class W176 has relatively lots of power and good acceleration.

Maximal torque

452 > 185 Nm
When you push the gas pedal and you start speeding up fast, that’s torque you’re feeling. And you will feel it better sitting at the steering wheel of the Mercedes A-Class W176 because it has 144 percent more torque in comparison to the Citroen Berlingo II Van. Compared cars differ so much that only riding the Mercedes you will have a pleasurable sensations of getting pinned back in the seat when it begins to accelerate.

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

4.6 > 17.1 s
The Citroen Berlingo II Van can reach the speed of 100Km/h by 73 % longer in comparison tohis rival. The substantial difference in acceleration being in the Mercedes A-Class W176’s favour distinctly points out better vehicle.

Top speed

250 > 150 km/h
The Citroen Berlingo II Van has 100 kilometers/hour lower top velocity in relation to the Mercedes, consequently passing a long distance, for example when it is straight and there is no speed limits, will last much longer. The difference may be noticeable during riding on on the road without speed limits to the car of Mercedes brand advantage.

Number of gears

7 > 5 gears
The Mercedes A-Class W176 45 AMG 360HP automatic 4x4 have a higher speed count than the Citroen Berlingo II Van which means that Mercedes A-Class W176 should achieve better speeding up and better fuel economy. But the difference is not big and unless you are drag racing at a timed event you would not even observe the difference.

Engine capacity

1,991 > 1,561 cc
The Mercedes has 430 cubic centimeters larger engine capacity in comparison to the Citroen. The difference is big. Consequently the Mercedes A-Class W176 should accelerate faster and be able to reach higher top speed. On the other hand larger cubic capacity usually means worst fuel economy.

Gross trailer weight

1,395 > 1,196 kg

Number of doors

5 > 2
Much more comfortable and useful car is 5-door Mercedes. The 2-door version of Citroen Berlingo II Van features little advantages, apart from sporty look.

Price range

luxury > popular

Model release date

2012 > 2008
Because of the fact that the Citroen Berlingo II Van was launched only 4 years earlier than the Mercedes A-Class W176, the gap between technology used in both cars is not really huge, however, the Mercedes may feature slightly more new solutions applied in it.


1,431 > 1,182 mm
The higher a car is, the better is the comfort of boarding it and greater possibility of loading big amount of stuff to it. The difference between these two cars at the level of 249 mm to the advantage of the Mercedes is small and should not be really noticeable.


automatic > manual
For a comfortable travelling around town, it is worth to have an automatic however the type of transmisison can have a substantial effect on fuel efficiency. Automatics may burn up more or less from 5 to 10% more than manuals.


2,047 > 2,040 kg

Front track

1,553 > 1,506 mm

Sill height

561 > 582 mm

Front overhang

906 > 923 mm

Rear overhang

686 > 729 mm

Curb weight

1,556 > 1,407 kg


16 reasons for Citroen Berlingo II Van 1.6 HDI 75KM manual in comparison to Mercedes A-Class W176 45 AMG 360HP automatic 4x4

Reasons for

Average consumption

5.8 > 7.1 l
The Citroen burns up 18 % fewer fuel in the combined cycle when compared to the Mercedes A-Class W176. The Citroen Berlingo II, which is palced in „microvan” segment consumes by 0.3 l less amount of fuel than the average in its segment. The average fuel consumption in this class in the combined cycle is 6.1 l.

Urban consumption

7.2 > 9.1 l
The Citroen burns up 1.9 l less diesel in city traffic than the Mercedes A-Class W176. The difference in the amount of 1.9 l is quite noticeable in everyday usage of the automobile. However, in a long run it will even give you significant savings. Bear in mind that fuel consumption may vary depending on how dynamic you drive

Maximal torque RPM

1,755 > 2,245 revolutions/minute
A greater range and a lower number of revolutions at which the highest torque is produced determines an engine’s performance. Still, to have a full perspective on a car’s engine performance, it is always worth to analyze a torque graph.

Extra-urban consumption

5.2 > 5.7 l


1,810 > 1,776 mm
Distance between two sides of a car directly affects room in the cabin and also stability during driving. The width of the Citroen Berlingo II Van is larger only by 34 mm compared with the Mercedes A-Class W176 and is not really relevant. The average for the „microvan” segment amounts to 1,748 millimeters and is by 62 mm smaller than the same attribute of the Citroen Berlingo II Van.


1,053 > 704 km

Fuel tank

59 > 51 l
In this category it is the Citroen that can comprise 16 percent more fuel in comparison to the Mercedes A-Class W176. The medium fuel container capacity in the microvan segment, from which the Citroen comes from, is 51 liters, whereas in microvan class (represented by the Mercedes A-Class W176) it is 51 liters.


2,728 > 2,696 mm
The Citroen has 32 mm longer wheelbase than Mercedes A-Class W176. Thanks to this the Citroen Berlingo II Van is more safe and has a better stability. Besides, longer wheelbase affects convenient and more comfortable traveling.

Urban range

857 > 549 km

Extra-urban range

1,200 > 847 km

Maximum load capacity

633 > 495 kg


4,380 > 4,292 mm
The Citroen is 88 millimeters longer when compared to the Mercedes A-Class W176 45 AMG 360HP automatic 4x4. The length of the vehicle is significant when it comes to driving comfort and space in the trunk. The Citroen preasumbly will be offering to it's passangers more space for legs. Aditionally the Citroen will be better driven but the Mercedes will be a slightly easier to park because of shorter length .

Maximal power RPM

4,000 > 6,000 revolutions/minute

Rear doors height

1,149 > 603 mm

Gross trailer weight without breaks

741 > 698 kg

Width with outside mirrors

2,112 > 2,026 mm

Cars specifications

Mercedes A-Class W176 45 AMG 360HP automatic 4x4 Citroen Berlingo II Van 1.6 HDI 75HP manual
    Gross trailer weight 1,395 kg 1,196 kg
    Price range luxury popular
    Model release date 2012 2008
    Facelifting no no
    Code name W176 -
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