Citroen C-Zero 67HP automatic vs Peugeot iOn 67HP automatic

Citroen C-Zero 67HP automatic

Source: Thomas doerfer Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

6 reasons for

Citroen C-Zero, model available from 2010 to 2012.
It has 67HP ic electrical engine produced from 2010 to 2012.
Drive on the rear axle has automatic gearbox.

5 reasons for

Peugeot iOn, model available from 2011.
It has 67HP ic electrical engine produced from 2011.
Drive on the rear axle has automatic gearbox.

Peugeot iOn 67HP automatic

6 reasons for Citroen C-Zero 67KM automat in comparison to Peugeot iOn 67HP automatic

Reasons for

Maximal torque

180 > 179 Nm
The Citroen C-Zero 67HP automatic has 1 Nm more torque in comparison to the Peugeot iOn. Even though most of people do not attach importance the maximum torque when buying a automobile, it describes the best how fast a car acclerates. As far as these two vehicles are concerned the difference is not really big so the difference will not be much noticeable.


2,547 > 2,545 mm
Citroen C-Zero has 2 mm longer wheelbase when compared to the Peugeot iOn 67HP automatic. A longer wheelbase gives more stable and comfortable ride, especially at higher speeds. It also provides more storage space. But, vehicles having a longer wheelbase are not as maneuverable as those with a shorter wheelbase.


3,477 > 3,472 mm
The Citroen is 5 mm longer in relation to the Peugeot iOn. Long vehicles more of passenger space and in most cases have bigger trunk. While the Citroen C-Zero occurs to be better option for families or those who love the idea of comfortable rides that make them feel fresh and relaxed upon arriving, the Peugeot iOn may be more appropriate to city drivers as it will not cause problems with parking and will be more maneuverable.


1,610 > 1,608 mm
If you are a tall driver or you tend to carry in the trunk stuffs of large dimensions, the Citroen C-Zero 67HP automatic, which is by 2 mm higher than the Peugeot iOn, would be better choice for you. However, these two vehicles do not differ much when it comes to its height and it should not be much noticeable.

Rear overhang

427 > 428 mm

Curb weight

1,122 > 1,120 kg


5 reasons for Peugeot iOn 67KM automat in comparison to Citroen C-Zero 67HP automatic

Reasons for

Rear track

1,270 > 1,269 mm

Model release date

2011 > 2010
Because of the fact that the Citroen C-Zero 67HP automatic was introduced only 1 year prior to the Peugeot, the gap between technology applied in both cars is not really huge, however, the Peugeot iOn 67HP automatic might have a bit more new solutions used in it.

Number of seats

5 > 4

Front overhang

497 > 499 mm

Width with outside mirrors

1,796 > 1,792 mm

Cars specifications

Citroen C-Zero 67HP automatic Peugeot iOn 67HP automatic
    Price range popular popular
    Model release date 2010 2011
    Facelifting no no
    Class A A
    Payload 1,450 kg 1,450 kg

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