Infiniti Q50 2.2d 170HP manual vs Citroen DS5 2.0 HDi 163HP manual

Infiniti Q50 2.2d 170HP manual

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14 reasons for

Infiniti Q50, model available from 2013.
It has 2.2d 170HP diesel engine produced from 2013.
Drive on the rear axle has manual, 6 speed gearbox.

5 reasons for

Citroen DS5, model available from 2011.
It has 2.0 HDi 163HP diesel engine produced from 2011.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 6 speed gearbox.

Citroen DS5 2.0 HDi 163HP manual

14 reasons for Infiniti Q50 2.2d 170KM manual in comparison to Citroen DS5 2.0 HDi 163HP manual

Reasons for

Maximal power

170 > 163 hp
The horsepower of the Infiniti Q50 2.2d 170HP manual is by 7 hp bigger in relation to the Citroen DS5. Because the difference is small this should not affect the car performance largely.

Average consumption

4.4 > 5 l
The Infiniti Q50 consumes 12 percent fewer in the mixed cycle in comparison to the Citroen DS5. The difference at the level of 0.6 l is not perceptible. Nevertheless in the long run it would give a substantial cost reduction.

Maximal torque

400 > 340 Nm
Maximum torque of the Infiniti is 18 percent bigger than the Citroen DS5. Because of this, the Infiniti Q50 will accelerate somewhat swifter and be better to overtake other vehicles. Appropriate use of the flexibility of the engine may also make that the Infiniti Q50 will use on average less fuel for every 100 km.

Urban consumption

5.7 > 6.2 l
The Infiniti Q50 2.2d 170HP manual burns up 0.5 l fewer fuel in city traffic in comparison to the Citroen. The Infiniti Q50, that represents mid-size segment, uses 4.9 l fewer fuel. Note that average fuel consumption in the urban for the large family cars class equals to 10.6 l, whereas the Infiniti needs by 46 % less fuel than the average.

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

8.7 > 8.8 s
A small difference in the amount of 0.1 s indicates that the Citroen DS5 is insensibly beaten here. In the „large family cars” segment, to which the Citroen DS5 2.0 HDi 163HP manual is assigned, the medium acceleration amounts to 9.9 s and is by 11 % slower than acceleration of Citroen’s car.

Top speed

231 > 215 km/h
The maximum speed possible to be reached by the ​​Infiniti Q50 is greater in relation to this of the Citroen DS5 by 16 kilometers/hour, which allows the Infiniti Q50 2.2d 170HP manual to cover faster long stretches of highway. The difference at the level of 7 % is little and will be negligible in everyday driving.

Maximal torque RPM

1,605 > 2,005 revolutions/minute
A wider range and a lower value of rotations at which the maximum torque is delivered determines an engine’s effectiveness and dynamism. However, in order to get a whole view on an engine efficiency, it is always worth to check a torque graph.

Extra-urban consumption

3.9 > 4.4 l


2,856 > 2,735 mm
Infiniti has 4 percent longer wheelbase in relation to the Citroen DS5. A longer wheelbase gives more stable and comfortable ride, especially when driving fast. It also provides more storage space. However, vehicles having a longer wheelbase are not as maneuverable as those with a shorter wheelbase.

Engine capacity

2,144 > 1,998 cc
The Infiniti Q50 has 146 cc bigger engine size in relation to the Citroen DS5. For the reason that the difference is little, the Infiniti Q50 should accelerate slightly better, of course assuming that other paramerters are does not play a role.


4,790 > 4,529 mm
The Infiniti is 261 mm longer in comparison to the Citroen DS5 2.0 HDi 163HP manual. Long vehicles are more spacious and also have more storage space. Although the Infiniti Q50 seems to be better for families or those who love the idea of convenient driving, the Citroen DS5 2.0 HDi 163HP manual may appeal to the young as it will not cause troubles with parking and will have smaller turning radius.

Price range

luxury > popular

Model release date

2013 > 2011
Given that the Citroen DS5's production began only 2 years prior to the Infiniti Q50, the gap between technology used in both cars shouldn’t be really big, however, the Infiniti Q50 might feature slightly more advanced solutions used in it.

Curb weight

1,718 > 1,528 kg


5 reasons for Citroen DS5 2.0 HDi 163KM manual in comparison to Infiniti Q50 2.2d 170HP manual

Reasons for


1,871 > 1,820 mm
The width of the car influences directly on passanger's inner room and driving stability. The Citroen DS5 2.0 HDi 163HP manual is 3 % wider than the Infiniti Q50. It is often clearly perceptible by driver and passenger in front, who have more space for their elbows.

Rear track

1,603 > 1,545 mm

Number of doors

5 > 4
A 5-door car generally is a hatchback and as a result the Citroen, where you can open up the boot lid and fold flat the back seats making more room, has the edge on the four-door Infiniti Q50 with the hinges for the boot that opens under the rear window.


1,504 > 1,445 mm
The higher a car is, the the more convenient is a getting in to it and greater possibility of loading massive amount of thinks to it. The difference at the level of 59 mm to the advantage of the Citroen DS5 is not big and does not matter much.

Front track

1,576 > 1,563 mm

Cars specifications

Infiniti Q50 2.2d 170HP manual Citroen DS5 2.0 HDi 163HP manual
    Gross trailer weight - 1,498 kg
    Price range luxury popular
    Model release date 2013 2011
    Facelifting no no
    Class D D
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