Kia Venga 1.4 DOHC CVVT 90HP manual vs Dacia Dokker Mikrovan 1.6 MPI 84HP manual

Kia Venga 1.4 DOHC CVVT 90HP manual

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20 reasons for

Kia Venga, model available from 2009.
It has 1.4 DOHC CVVT 90HP petrol engine produced from 2009.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 6 speed gearbox.

11 reasons for

Dacia Dokker Mikrovan, model available from 2012.
It has 1.6 MPI 84HP petrol engine produced from 2012.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

Dacia Dokker Mikrovan 1.6 MPI 84HP manual

20 reasons for Kia Venga 1.4 DOHC CVVT 90KM manual in comparison to Dacia Dokker Mikrovan 1.6 MPI 84HP manual

Reasons for

Maximal power

90 > 84 hp
The horsepower is a feature that most of us pay the biggest attention to. In this case, it is the Kia Venga that has by 7 % horsepower more in relation to the Dacia Dokker Mikrovan, which makes this vehicle a bit faster. With more horsepower the Kia should also provide a bit better flexiblility in specific gears.

Average consumption

5.1 > 7.5 l
The fuel economy is distinctly to Kia Venga's advantage. This vehicle burns 2.4 l less petrol in the combined cycle in relation to the Dacia Dokker Mikrovan 1.6 MPI 84HP manual. It is also worth to know that average fuel consumption in the combined cycle for the microvan segment, in which the Kia Venga is classified, equals to 6.1 l while the Kia Venga needs by 16 % less fuel than the average.

Maximal torque

138 > 132 Nm
The Kia Venga has 6 newton meters more torque than the Dacia Dokker Mikrovan. Although a large number of drivers do not attach importance the maximum torque when buying a car, it reflects the best how a car acclerates. In this case the difference is quite small so the difference will not be much noticeable.

Urban consumption

7.5 > 9.9 l
The Kia Venga burns up 2.4 l less gasoline running around the town in comparison to the Dacia. The difference in the amount of 2.4 l is quite significant in everyday use of the car. What is more, in a long term it will even bring you significant savings. Remember that fuel consumption may vary depending on how dynamic you drive

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

11.1 > 14.3 s
A small difference amounts to 3.2 s shows that the Dacia Dokker Mikrovan is insensibly beaten here. In the „microvan” segment, to which the Dacia Dokker Mikrovan 1.6 MPI 84HP manual is assigned, the average acceleration is 13.6 s and is by 0.7 s faster than acceleration of Dacia’s car.

Top speed

185 > 159 km/h
The maximum velocity possible to be reached by the ​​Kia Venga 1.4 DOHC CVVT 90HP manual is greater compared with the Dacia by 16, which allows the Kia Venga to travel faster large stretches of highway. The difference at the level of 16 percent is small and will be insignificant in everyday driving.

Extra-urban consumption

5.5 > 6 l


1,763 > 1,751 mm
distance between left and right side of a vehicle influences on room in the cabin as well as stability on road. The width of the Kia Venga 1.4 DOHC CVVT 90HP manual is larger only by 1 % in relation to the Dacia Dokker and is not really worth considering. The medium for the „microvan” class amounts to 1,748 mm and is by 15 mm larger than the same feature of the Kia.


980 > 667 km

Urban range

640 > 505 km

Extra-urban range

873 > 806 km

Number of gears

6 > 5 gears
The Kia Venga 1.4 DOHC CVVT 90HP manual has only one more gear in comparison to the Dacia Dokker. Most often this extra speed is used as an overdrive so that the previous speeds can be narrower to give better performance in the lower speeds. One more speed also have an effect on decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 output.

Rear track

1,559 > 1,477 mm

Price range

popular > cheap
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Tire width

195 > 185 mm


1,810 > 1,773 kg

Front track

1,556 > 1,490 mm

Tire diameter

15 > 14 ″

Tire profile

65 > 70 %

Curb weight

1,282 > 1,091 kg


11 reasons for Dacia Dokker Mikrovan 1.6 MPI 84KM manual in comparison to Kia Venga 1.4 DOHC CVVT 90HP manual

Reasons for

Trunk capacity

800 > 422 l
The boot of the Dacia Dokker is 378 liters bigger in comparison to the Kia. It is perceptible difference therefore in this category the Dacia will be much more useful. The larger the boot, the more baggage you can take.

Trunk capacity with seats down

3,000 > 553 l

Maximal torque RPM

2,800 > 3,995 revolutions/minute
The rotational speed where the highest torque is delivered shows us how fast an engine reaches its best output with growth in rmp. The lower rotational speed or the longer range at which the torque is the highest, the more the engine is flexible and the kick of acceleration should be felt earlier.

Fuel tank

49 > 47 l
The winner of selected cars in the category of fuel tank size is Dacia Dokker which is able to hold by 2 liters more gasoline than the Kia Venga.


2,810 > 2,605 mm
Dacia Dokker Mikrovan has 205 millimeters longer wheelbase than the Kia. A longer wheelbase provides more stable and comfortable ride, especially at higher speeds. It also gives more storage space. But, vehicles with a longer wheelbase are not as maneuverable as those with a shorter wheelbase.

Engine capacity

1,597 > 1,581 cc
The Dacia Dokker Mikrovan 1.6 MPI 84HP manual has by 1 % bigger engine capacity in relation to the Kia. This play a little role as far as acceleration is concerned, as both values are quite simmilar.

Maximum load capacity

678 > 529 kg


4,363 > 4,068 mm
The Dacia is 7 % longer in comparison to the Kia Venga. The length of the vehicle is important in respect of driving comfort and room in the boot. The Dacia Dokker very likely will be offering to it's passangers more space for legs. At the same time the Dacia Dokker Mikrovan 1.6 MPI 84HP manual will be better driven ,however, the Kia Venga will be a bit easier to park due to shorter length .

Model release date

2012 > 2009
Because of the fact that the Kia Venga was introduced only 3 years before the Dacia Dokker Mikrovan, the gap between technology applied in both vehicles shouldn’t be really huge, however, the Dacia Dokker Mikrovan may feature slightly more advanced solutions used in it.


1,816 > 1,602 mm
If you are a tall man or you tend to carry in the trunk stuffs of big size, the Dacia Dokker Mikrovan, which is by 214 millimeters higher than the Kia Venga, is appropriate pick for you. However, compared vehicles do not differ much when it comes to its height and it should not be much observable.

Maximal power RPM

5,000 > 6,000 revolutions/minute

Cars specifications

Kia Venga 1.4 DOHC CVVT 90HP manual Dacia Dokker Mikrovan 1.6 MPI 84HP manual
    Gross trailer weight - 1,202 kg
    Price range popular cheap
    Model release date 2009 2012
    Facelifting no no
    Class microvan microvan
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