Opel Mokka 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC 140HP manual vs Dacia Duster SUV 1.6 16V 105HP manual

Opel Mokka 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC 140HP manual

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14 reasons for

Opel Mokka, model available from 2012.
It has 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC 140HP petrol engine produced from 2012.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 6 speed gearbox.

10 reasons for

Dacia Duster SUV, model available from 2010.
It has 1.6 16V 105HP petrol engine produced from 2010 to 2013.
Drive has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

Dacia Duster SUV 1.6 16V 105HP manual

14 reasons for Opel Mokka 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC 140KM manual in comparison to Dacia Duster SUV 1.6 16V 105HP manual

Reasons for

Maximal power

140 > 105 hp
The horsepower is a parameter that most of us take into consideration at first when buying a car. In this case it is the Opel Mokka 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC 140HP manual which has by 35 more horsepower when compared to the Dacia. Consequently the Opel Mokka is able to reach higher speed. Due to more horsepower the Opel Mokka 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC 140HP manual will as well provide seemingly more flexiblility in specific gears.

Average consumption

5.9 > 7.5 l
The Opel Mokka burns up 21 % fewer fuel in the combined cycle when compared to the Dacia. The difference in the amount of 21 % will be very appreciable in day-to-day usage of the vehicle. In the long run it will result in a substantial cost reduction.

Maximal torque

200 > 146 Nm
Because of 37 % greater torque, the engine of the Opel Mokka 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC 140HP manual does a much better job of transmitting power to the wheels than the Dacia Duster SUV. This, in turn, produces better acceleration.

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

9.9 > 11.5 s
The Opel can reach the speed of 100Km/h in 9.9 s, which is 14 % less in comparison to the Dacia Duster SUV. However the difference is not as much big to be taken into consideration when buying a car.

Top speed

193 > 165 km/h
The maximum velocity of the Opel is higher as compared to this of the Dacia which allows to cover the same distance on the highway faster. The difference that amounts to 17 percent is small and is imperceptible in everyday driving.

Maximal torque RPM

1,850 > 3,750 revolutions/minute
A big difference in revolutions per minute at which the maximum torque is generated clearly shows that a car which does not require to be revved high is this of the Opel Mokka. The engine of the Dacia Duster SUV reaches its full efficiency at 3,750 revolutions/minute which is by 51 percent lower than the Opel Mokka.

Number of gears

6 > 5 gears
The Opel Mokka has only one more speed in relation to the Dacia Duster. Most often the additional speed is used as an overdrive thanks to which the previous gears can be narrower in order to give increased acceleration in the lower speeds. One more speed also helps to decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

Price range

popular > cheap

Model release date

2012 > 2010
Given that the Dacia Duster's production started only 2 years earlier than the Opel Mokka, the distance in technology applied in both cars is not really big, however, the Opel might feature slightly more modern solutions applied in it.


1,658 > 1,623 mm
The higher a vehicle is, the the more convenient is a getting in to it and greater capacity of putting big amount of stuff to it. The difference between these two cars at the level of 2 % in favor of the Opel is not big and does not matter much.

Width with outside mirrors

2,035 > 2,003 mm

Tire diameter

18 > 16 ″

Rear overhang

779 > 819 mm

Tire profile

55 > 65 %


10 reasons for Dacia Duster SUV 1.6 16V 105KM manual in comparison to Opel Mokka 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC 140HP manual

Reasons for


1,822 > 1,777 mm
distance between left and right side of a car influences on interior space for travelers and also stability during driving. The Dacia is widther only by 3 percent compared with the Opel Mokka and is not really worth considering. The medium for the „small off-road 4x4” segment equals to 1,797 millimeters and is by 1 percent larger than the same feature of the Dacia.


2,679 > 2,551 mm
The Dacia Duster SUV has 5 % longer wheelbase in comparison to Opel Mokka 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC 140HP manual. Thanks to this the Dacia is more safe and has a better stability. Moreover, longer wheelbase influences on convenient and more comfortable driving.

Trunk length with seats up

993 > 729 mm

Engine capacity

1,597 > 1,365 cc
The Dacia has by 17 % bigger engine displacement than the Opel. This play a little role when it comes to accleration, as both figures does not vary much.


4,318 > 4,278 mm
The Dacia is 40 millimeters longer than the Opel. Long cars have roomy cabin and also have more storage space. While the Dacia Duster SUV 1.6 16V 105HP manual occurs to be better choice for families or those who value convenient rides that make them feel fresh and relaxed upon arriving, the Opel Mokka may be more appropriate to the young because it will not make problems with parking and will have smaller turning radius.

Rear track

1,570 > 1,542 mm

Trunk length with seats down

1,757 > 1,533 mm

Maximal power RPM

5,750 > 6,000 revolutions/minute

Front track

1,560 > 1,540 mm

Front overhang

822 > 945 mm

Cars specifications

Opel Mokka 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC 140HP manual Dacia Duster SUV 1.6 16V 105HP manual
    Gross trailer weight - 1,203 kg
    Price range popular cheap
    Model release date 2012 2010
    Facelifting no no
    Class compact SUV compact SUV
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