FSO Lublin 2.4 D 70HP vs Fiat Doblo I 1.9 JTD 101HP manual

FSO Lublin 2.4 D 70HP

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6 reasons for

FSO Lublin, model available from 1993 to 1995.
It has 2.4 D 70HP diesel engine produced from 1993 to 1995.
Drive has manual gearbox.

5 reasons for

Fiat Doblo I, model available from 2000 to 2006.
It has 1.9 JTD 101HP diesel engine produced from 2000 to 2006.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

Fiat Doblo I 1.9 JTD 101HP manual

6 reasons for FSO Lublin 2.4 D 70KM in comparison to Fiat Doblo I 1.9 JTD 101HP manual

Reasons for


1,940 > 1,719 mm
Distance between two sides of a car directly influences on the amount of space for passengers as well as stability during driving. The FSO Lublin is widther only by 221 mm in relation to the Fiat Doblo I and is not really worth considering. The medium for the „cargo van” segment amounts to around 1,902 mm and is by 2 percent larger than the same feature of the FSO.


2,895 > 2,573 mm
The wheelbase of a vehicle means the distance between its front and rear wheels. The wheelbase notably affects the driving due to more appropriate car's weight distribution. FSO Lublin has 322 millimeters longer wheelbase distance in relation to Fiat Doblo I 1.9 JTD 101HP manual. Wheelbase dimensions are crucial to the balance and steering. Thus, the mass of FSO Lublin should be better distributed and driving should be easier and safer.


4,767 > 4,159 mm
The FSO Lublin is 15 percent longer in comparison to the Fiat. Long cars have more interior space and in most cases have plenty of trunk space. While the FSO Lublin 2.4 D 70HP occurs to be better choice for families or persons who love the idea of convenient driving, the Fiat Doblo I may appeal to the young as it will not cause troubles with parking and will be easier for turning in narrow streets.

Rear track

1,620 > 1,494 mm


2,322 > 1,600 mm
The FSO Lublin is by 722 millimeters higher in comparison to the Fiat Doblo I 1.9 JTD 101HP manual. Thanks to this the FSO is better for getting in and out of the it, especially for older relatives and will make you feel more safety as a result of siting high behind the wheel. This also gives good visibility in all directions and easy navigation, even on congested streets. The FSO Lublin 2.4 D 70HP is undoubtedly more apropirate for families but it is not recommended for drivers who opt for swift driving and sporting thrill.

Front track

1,623 > 1,495 mm


5 reasons for Fiat Doblo I 1.9 JTD 101KM manual in comparison to FSO Lublin 2.4 D 70HP

Reasons for

Maximal power

101 > 70 hp
The Fiat Doblo I 1.9 JTD 101HP manual is equipped with diesel which makes by 31 more horsepower than the the engine of the FSO, transforming the car to a more dynamic character. It seems to be googd car to those who want to experience thrill of drive a sports car.

Number of doors

4 > 3
The three-door model of FSO Lublin is easy to put in stuff into a trunk, whereas 4-door Fiat gives more convenient getting into the car, reduced cabin noise at the expense of smaller trunk lid.

Price range

popular > cheap

Model release date

2000 > 1993
Production of the older vehicle began much more earlier than its rival and for this reason man may suspect that this car has not so advanced parts used.

End of model sale

2006 > 1995

Cars specifications

FSO Lublin 2.4 D 70HP Fiat Doblo I 1.9 JTD 101HP manual
    Price range cheap popular
    Model release date 1993 2000
    Facelifting no no
    Class cargo van cargo van
    Payload - 1,874 kg

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