Volkswagen Beetle Standard 1.3 37HP vs Fiat 127 III 1.0 50HP manual

Volkswagen Beetle Standard 1.3 37HP

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9 reasons for

Volkswagen Beetle Standard, model available from 1949 to 2003.
It has 1.3 37HP petrol engine produced from 1965 to 1970.
Drive has manual gearbox.

3 reasons for

Fiat 127 III, model available from 1982 to 1983.
It has 1.0 50HP petrol engine produced from 1982 to 1983.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

Fiat 127 III 1.0 50HP manual

9 reasons for Volkswagen Garbus Standard 1.3 37KM in comparison to Fiat 127 III 1.0 50HP manual

Reasons for


1,554 > 1,552 mm
Width of a vehicle affects interior space for travelers as well as stability while driving. The width of the Volkswagen Beetle Standard is larger by 2 mm compared with the Fiat 127 III 1.0 50HP manual and is not really important. The average for the „B” class equals to approximately 1,645 mm and is by 91 millimeters bigger than the width of the Volkswagen.


2,403 > 2,215 mm
Volkswagen Beetle has 8 percent longer wheelbase when compared to the Fiat 127 III 1.0 50HP manual. A longer wheelbase provides more stable and comfortable ride, especially when driving fast. It also gives more storage space. But, vehicles with a longer wheelbase are not as maneuverable as those with a shorter wheelbase.

Engine capacity

1,285 > 1,049 cc
The Volkswagen Beetle Standard 1.3 37HP has by 22 % larger cubic capacity in relation to the Fiat 127 III. This play a little role on vehicle's performance, as both figures are quite simmilar.


4,076 > 3,711 mm
The Volkswagen is 365 mm longer when compared to the Fiat 127 III 1.0 50HP manual. The length of the car plays a role when it comes to driving comfort and room in the boot. The Volkswagen Beetle probably will be offering to it's passangers more room for legs. Aditionally the Volkswagen will be better driven ,however, the Fiat 127 III 1.0 50HP manual will be a slightly easier to park because of shorter length .

Rear track

1,349 > 1,302 mm

Cylinder layout

boxer > inline
A Boxer engine placed in the Volkswagen Beetle Standard occurs to be significantly better because it can be shorter and lighter and generates less vibrations than engine with cylinders arranged in a straight line. What is more bear in mind that its flat layout causes that a vehicle has the benefit of a lower center of gravity what affects the better grip. The advantage of engine which cylinders are arranged in a line, like the one installed inside the Fiat, is that due to its simple construction it can be cheaper compared to other types of engines.


1,500 > 1,360 mm
If you are a tall driver or you carry in the trunk stuffs of large dimensions, the Volkswagen Beetle Standard 1.3 37HP, which is by 10 % higher than the Fiat 127 III 1.0 50HP manual, is appropriate pick for you. However, these two cars do not differ much when it comes to its height and it should not be much noticeable.

Front track

1,312 > 1,286 mm

End of model sale

2003 > 1983


3 reasons for Fiat 127 III 1.0 50KM manual in comparison to Volkswagen Beetle Standard 1.3 37HP

Reasons for

Maximal power

50 > 37 hp
The Fiat 127 III 1.0 50HP manual is equipped with petrol which makes by 35 % more horsepower than the Volkswagen Beetle, transforming the car to a more sporty character. It should be googd option for drivers who would like to feel thrill of drive a sports car.

Number of doors

3 > 2
In this case a user of the Fiat 127 III has an additional door at the back of a car. It will enable him to put luggage into a trunk in more convenient manner, especialy when we are talking about things of large size. Passages of both cars who are to travel in the back have to get in a car through a front door which requires folding a front seat.

Model release date

1982 > 1949

Cars specifications

Volkswagen Beetle Standard 1.3 37HP Fiat 127 III 1.0 50HP manual
    Price range popular popular
    Model release date 1949 1982
    Facelifting no no
    Class B B
    Payload - 1,130 kg

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