Toyota Previa II 2.4 16V 156HP manual vs Hyundai H100 2.5 TD 80HP

Toyota Previa II 2.4 16V 156HP manual

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4 reasons for

Toyota Previa II, model available from 2000 to 2005.
It has 2.4 16V 156HP petrol engine produced from 2001 to 2005.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

3 reasons for

Hyundai H100, model available from 1992 to 2006.
It has 2.5 TD 80HP petrol engine produced from 1992 to 2000.
Drive has manual gearbox.

Hyundai H100 2.5 TD 80HP

4 reasons for Toyota Previa II 2.4 16V 156KM manual in comparison to Hyundai H100 2.5 TD 80HP

Reasons for

Maximal power

156 > 80 hp
The Toyota Previa II 2.4 16V 156HP manual has by 76 horsepowers more horsepower in comparison to Hyundai. The Toyota Previa II will be distinctly faster accelerate owing to bigger horsepower. Also maneuvers like overtaking and passing cars or obstacles should be a piece of cake for a vehicle equipped with stronger motor.


1,785 > 1,739 mm
Width of a vehicle directly influences on the amount of space for passengers and also stability while driving. The width of the Toyota is larger only by 3 percent compared with the Hyundai H100 and is not really worth considering. The medium for the „van” class amounts to 1,821 mm and is by 36 mm smaller than the same attribute of the Toyota Previa II 2.4 16V 156HP manual.

Fuel tank

76 > 66 l
The Hyundai H100 loses with the Toyota Previa II in the category of fuel tank size. The Toyota Previa II 2.4 16V 156HP manual is able to hold by 10 liters more fuel than its rival.

Model release date

2000 > 1992
Production of the older car started much more earlier than its rival and for this reason it is reasonable to suppose that this vehicle has not so advanced technologies applied.


3 reasons for Hyundai H100 2.5 TD 80KM in comparison to Toyota Previa II 2.4 16V 156HP manual

Reasons for

Engine capacity

2,501 > 2,362 cc
The Hyundai H100 2.5 TD 80HP has 6 % bigger engine capacity compared to the Toyota. Because the difference is little, the Hyundai should accelerate slightly better, of course assuming that other paramerters are equal.


4,760 > 4,750 mm
The Hyundai is 10 millimeters longer in relation to the Toyota. The length of the vehicle is important in terms of driving comfort and space in the boot. The Hyundai probably will be offering to it's users more space for legs. Aditionally the Hyundai will be better driven but the Toyota will be a little easier for parking because of shorter length .


1,967 > 1,771 mm
If you are a tall man or you tend to carry in the trunk stuffs of large dimensions, the Hyundai, which is by 11 percent higher than the Toyota Previa II, is appropriate pick for you. However, compared vehicles do not differ much when it comes to its height and it should not be much perceptible.

Cars specifications

Toyota Previa II 2.4 16V 156HP manual Hyundai H100 2.5 TD 80HP
    Price range popular popular
    Model release date 2000 1992
    Facelifting no no
    Class van van
    Payload 2,244 kg -
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