Isuzu Trooper III 3.5 i V6 24V Wagoon 215HP manual 4x4 vs UAZ 3162 31622 2.7 132HP manual

Isuzu Trooper III 3.5 i V6 24V Wagoon 215HP manual 4x4

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15 reasons for

Isuzu Trooper III, model available from 1999 to 2002.
It has 3.5 i V6 24V Wagoon 215HP petrol engine produced from 1999 to 2002.
Drive 4x4 has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

9 reasons for

UAZ 3162 31622, model available from 2000 to 2005.
It has 2.7 132HP petrol engine produced from 2000 to 2005.
Drive has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

UAZ 3162 31622 2.7 132HP manual

15 reasons for Isuzu Trooper III 3.5 i V6 24V Wagoon 215KM manual 4x4 in comparison to UAZ 3162 31622 2.7 132HP manual

Reasons for

Maximal power

215 > 132 hp
The Isuzu comes with petrol which makes by 83 more horsepower than the UAZ, transforming the car to a more sporty character. It seems to be googd option to those who would like to experience thrill of drive a sports car.

Top speed

180 > 150 km/h
The maximum speed possible to be reached by the ​​Isuzu Trooper III is greater in comparison to the UAZ by 30 kilometers per hour, which allows the Isuzu Trooper III to overcome faster long stretches of highway. The difference at the level of 30 km/h is little and will be negligible in everyday driving.


1,835 > 1,825 mm
The width of the car influences directly on passanger's inner room as well as driving stability. The Isuzu Trooper III 3.5 i V6 24V Wagoon 215HP manual 4x4 is 10 millimeters wider than the UAZ 3162 31622 2.7 132HP manual. It is clearly felt by those sitting in front, who have more room for their elbows.


6 > 4

Engine capacity

3,493 > 2,701 cc
The Isuzu Trooper III has 792 cubic centimeters bigger engine capacity than the UAZ 3162 31622. The difference is large. As a result the Isuzu Trooper III should accelerate faster and be able to reach higher maximum speed. On the other hand bigger engine capacity means worst fuel economy.


4,795 > 4,630 mm
The Isuzu Trooper III is 165 millimeters longer in relation to the UAZ 3162. Long vehicles have roomy cabin and usually have more storage space. Although the Isuzu Trooper III occurs to be better for families or drivers who appreciate comfortable driving, the UAZ may be more appropriate to the young as it will not cause problems with parking and will be easier for turning in narrow streets.

Cylinder layout

V-type > inline
A Vee engine is a better construction of a In-line engine which according to us is {a better one. Engine of V configuration put inside a vehicle the Isuzu Trooper III gives more torque at lower RPM ranges because of the power stroke coming from 2 sides of the crankshaft. This type of engime can contain high numbers of cylinders in a smaller package. A Smooth engine work and thrilling sound is to driving fans to a Vee engine’s advantage.

Rear track

1,520 > 1,445 mm

Price range

popular > trucks

Tire width

245 > 225 mm

Front track

1,517 > 1,445 mm

Valves per cylinder

4 > 2


24 > 8

Tire profile

70 > 75 %

Curb weight

2,050 > 2,044 kg


9 reasons for UAZ 3162 31622 2.7 132KM manual in comparison to Isuzu Trooper III 3.5 i V6 24V Wagoon 215HP manual 4x4

Reasons for

Fuel tank

91 > 85 l
In this category it is the UAZ 3162 which can comprise 7 % more fuel in comparison to the Isuzu Trooper III. The average fuel tank size in the large 4x4 class, which is represented by the UAZ 3162 31622, is 84 liters, whereas in full-size SUV class (represented by the Isuzu Trooper III) it amounts to 84 liters.


2,768 > 2,767 mm
The wheelbase of a car equals the distance between its front and rear wheels. The wheelbase significantly affects the driving because of more desirable car's weight distribution. UAZ has 1 mm longer wheelbase distance than Isuzu Trooper III 3.5 i V6 24V Wagoon 215HP manual 4x4. Wheelbase dimensions are important to the balance and steering. Hence, the mass of UAZ 3162 31622 should be better distributed and driving should be smoother and safer.

Maximum load capacity

800 > 685 kg

Number of doors

5 > 3
It seems to be quite obvious that the five-door UAZ 3162 31622 2.7 132HP manual is more usable and if you regularly carry more than one people then this car is only possible option for you. The strongest point of a five-door vehicle is that it’s not only easier for passengers to get into the back but it’s also easier to put luggage and cargo into the car when the rear seats are folded down. However, three-door cars like the Isuzu Trooper III generally look much cooler and for young drivers who rarely have more than one passengers in the car the Isuzu Trooper III may be a good one, the more so for being a little bit cheaper than the same model with more doors.

Model release date

2000 > 1999
Given that the Isuzu Trooper III was launched only 1 year before the UAZ 3162 31622 2.7 132HP manual, the gap between technology applied in both cars is not really huge, however, the UAZ 3162 31622 may feature a bit more advanced solutions applied in it.


1,948 > 1,834 mm
The higher a vehicle is, the the more convenient is a boarding it and greater possibility of loading massive amount of luggage to it. The difference between these two cars at the level of 114 millimeters to the advantage of the UAZ is not big and should not be really noticeable.

Number of seats

7 > 5


2,841 > 2,732 kg

End of model sale

2005 > 2002

Cars specifications

Isuzu Trooper III 3.5 i V6 24V Wagoon 215HP manual 4x4 UAZ 3162 31622 2.7 132HP manual
    Price range popular trucks
    Model release date 1999 2000
    Facelifting no no
    Class full-size SUV full-size SUV
    Payload 2,732 kg 2,841 kg
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