Jeep Wrangler I 2.5 i 121HP manual vs Suzuki Samurai 1.0 45HP

Jeep Wrangler I 2.5 i 121HP manual

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9 reasons for

Jeep Wrangler I, model available from 1987 to 1995.
It has 2.5 i 121HP petrol engine produced from 1991 to 1995.
Drive has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

2 reasons for

Suzuki Samurai, model available from 1984 to 2000.
It has 1.0 45HP petrol engine produced from 1988 to 2000.
Drive 4x4 has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

Suzuki Samurai 1.0 45HP

9 reasons for Jeep Wrangler I 2.5 i 121KM manual in comparison to Suzuki Samurai 1.0 45HP

Reasons for

Maximal power

121 > 45 hp
The Jeep Wrangler I is distinctly swifter in comparison to the Jeep because it has by o 169 % grater horsepower. The dynamism of this car offers you more joy of moving with this model.


2,363 > 2,035 mm
Jeep has 16 % longer wheelbase than the Suzuki. A longer wheelbase provides more stable and comfortable ride, especially at higher speeds. It also gives more storage space. But, cars with a longer wheelbase are not as maneuverable as those with a shorter wheelbase.


4 > 3

Engine capacity

2,465 > 971 cc
The Jeep has 1,494 cc greater engine size in relation to the Suzuki Samurai. Such a substantial difference makes that comparision of this values is aimless. The Suzuki Samurai would be the right choice for those who apreciate lower fuel consumption and vehicle running costs at the expense of slower driving, however, those who decided on the Jeep Wrangler I should benefit from better power, durability, smoothness of the car and consequently more fun from driving.


3,859 > 3,430 mm
The Jeep Wrangler I is 429 mm longer than the Suzuki Samurai 1.0 45HP. Long vehicles more of passenger space and usually provide plenty of trunk space. While the Jeep seems to be better for families or persons who love the idea of comfortable rides that make them feel fresh and relaxed upon arriving, the Suzuki Samurai may be more appropriate to the young as it will not cause problems with parking and will be easier for turning in narrow streets.

Rear track

1,473 > 1,217 mm

Model release date

1987 > 1984
Because of the fact that the Suzuki Samurai 1.0 45HP's production began only 3 years prior to the Jeep Wrangler I 2.5 i 121HP manual, the gap between technology applied in both cars is not really big, however, the Jeep Wrangler I 2.5 i 121HP manual might feature a bit more modern solutions used in it.


1,735 > 1,680 mm
If you are a tall driver or you carry in the trunk thinks of large size, the Jeep, which is by 55 mm higher than the Suzuki Samurai, would be appropriate pick for you. However, these two cars do not differ much in its height and it should not be much observable.

Front track

1,473 > 1,210 mm


2 reasons for Suzuki Samurai 1.0 45KM in comparison to Jeep Wrangler I 2.5 i 121HP manual

Reasons for


1,700 > 1,678 mm
Distance between two sides of a car affects interior space for travelers as well as stability during driving. The width of the Suzuki Samurai is larger only by 22 mm in comparison to the Jeep and is not really relevant. The average for the „small off-road 4x4” segment is 1,797 millimeters and is by 5 percent bigger than the same feature of the Suzuki Samurai.

End of model sale

2000 > 1995

Cars specifications

Jeep Wrangler I 2.5 i 121HP manual Suzuki Samurai 1.0 45HP
    Price range popular popular
    Model release date 1987 1984
    Facelifting no no
    Code name YJ -
    Class compact SUV compact SUV
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