Kia Rocsta 1.8 85HP manual 4x4 vs Lada Niva 2131 1.8 82HP manual 4x4

Kia Rocsta 1.8 85HP manual 4x4

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10 reasons for

Kia Rocsta, model available from 1990 to 1999.
It has 1.8 85HP petrol engine produced from 1990 to 1999.
Drive 4x4 has manual gearbox.

9 reasons for

Lada Niva 2131, model available from 1980.
It has 1.8 82HP petrol engine produced from 1995 to 2004.
Drive 4x4 has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

Lada Niva 2131 1.8 82HP manual 4x4

10 reasons for Kia Rocsta 1.8 85KM manual 4x4 in comparison to Lada Niva 2131 1.8 82HP manual 4x4

Reasons for

Maximal power

85 > 82 hp
The horsepower is a characteristic that most of us pay the greatest attention to. In this case, it is the Kia Rocsta that has by 3 horsepower more when compared to the Lada, which makes this car somewhat faster. Due to more horsepower the Kia Rocsta 1.8 85HP manual 4x4 will also give somewhat better efficiency in specific speeds.

Average consumption

12.4 > 12.5 l
The Kia Rocsta consumes 1 percent less fuel in the combined cycle in comparison to the Lada Niva 2131 1.8 82HP manual 4x4. The Kia Rocsta, which is palced in „compact SUV” class burns up by 4.9 l more fuel than the average in its segment. The average fuel consumption in this class in the mixed cycle is 7.5 l.

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

16 > 22 s
The Kia Rocsta accelerates to 100k\h 27 percent faster in relation to the Lada Niva 2131 1.8 82HP manual 4x4. A significant difference in acceleration in favor of the Kia Rocsta will allow him to overtake much faster and avoid other obstacles.


1,690 > 1,680 mm
distance between left and right side of a vehicle affects interior space for travelers and also stability during driving. The width of the Kia Rocsta is larger by 1 percent in comparison to the Lada Niva 2131 1.8 82HP manual 4x4 and is not really relevant. The medium for the „small off-road 4x4” segment is around 1,797 mm and is by 6 % bigger than the same feature of the Kia Rocsta 1.8 85HP manual 4x4.

Engine capacity

1,788 > 1,775 cc
The Kia Rocsta has 13 cc bigger engine size than the Lada. For the reason that the difference is small, the Kia Rocsta should accelerate only a bit better, of course if other paramerters are equal.

Price range

popular > cheap

Model release date

1990 > 1980
Production of the older car began 10 years prior to its contender and for this reason it is reasonable to suppose that this car is equipped with significantly less advanced parts used.


1,850 > 1,640 mm
The higher a vehicle is, the better is the comfort of getting in to it and greater capacity of carrying big amount of stuff to it. The difference between these two cars that amounts to 210 millimeters in favor of the Kia is insignificant and should not be really noticeable.

Tire width

215 > 175 mm

Tire profile

75 > 80 %


9 reasons for Łada Niva 2131 1.8 82KM manual 4x4 in comparison to Kia Rocsta 1.8 85HP manual 4x4

Reasons for

Maximal torque

139 > 136 Nm
Maximum torque of the Lada Niva is 2 % higher than the Kia. As a result, the Lada Niva will accelerate a little bit better and be better to overtake other cars. Appropriate use of the flexibility of the engine will also cause that the Lada Niva 2131 will use on average less fuel for every 100 km.

Top speed

135 > 127 km/h
The top speed possible to be reached by the ​​Lada Niva 2131 is greater in relation to of the Kia Rocsta by 8 kilometers/hour, which allows the Lada Niva to overcome quicker large stretches of highway. The difference at the level of 8 kilometers/hour is small and will not be a very noticable in everyday driving.

Maximal torque RPM

3,200 > 3,495 revolutions/minute
A wider range as well as a lower value of revolutions at which the highest torque is delivered determines an engine’s performance. However, to have a full perspective on a car’s engine performance, it is good to see a torque graph.


2,700 > 2,127 mm
The Lada Niva 2131 1.8 82HP manual 4x4 has 27 % longer wheelbase in relation to the Kia. The shorter wheelbase, the less time exists for shock absorption by the separate suspension components. Thus the Lada Niva 2131 1.8 82HP manual 4x4 with a longer wheelbase may give the smoothest drive. Hovewer, the Kia Rocsta 1.8 85HP manual 4x4 with shorter wheelbases have tighter turning angles and is able corner faster than equivalent vehicles with long wheelbases.


4,239 > 3,589 mm
The Lada Niva is 18 percent longer in comparison to the Kia Rocsta 1.8 85HP manual 4x4. Long cars are more spacious and usually have more storage space. Although the Lada Niva occurs to be better option for families or those who value soft, smooth long-distance driving that make them feel fresh and relaxed upon arriving, the Kia Rocsta may appeal to women because it will not cause troubles with parking and will have smaller turning radius.

Number of doors

5 > 2
A way more comfortable and practical vehicle is five-door Lada Niva. The two-door version of Kia Rocsta 1.8 85HP manual 4x4 features little pluses, except for more attractive silhouette.

Maximal power RPM

5,200 > 5,500 revolutions/minute

Tire diameter

16 > 15 ″

Curb weight

1,369 > 1,325 kg

Cars specifications

Kia Rocsta 1.8 85HP manual 4x4 Lada Niva 2131 1.8 82HP manual 4x4
    Price range popular cheap
    Model release date 1990 1980
    Facelifting no no
    Class compact SUV compact SUV
    Payload - 1,872 kg
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