Seat Malaga 1.2 60HP manual vs Lada 2105 2105 Sedan 1.3 64HP manual

Seat Malaga 1.2 60HP manual

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13 reasons for

Seat Malaga, model available from 1985 to 1993.
It has 1.2 60HP petrol engine produced from 1985 to 1993.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

6 reasons for

Lada 2105 2105 Sedan, model available from 1980 to 2000.
It has 1.3 64HP petrol engine produced from 1980 to 1992.
Drive on the rear axle has manual, 4 speed gearbox.

Lada 2105 2105 Sedan 1.3 64HP manual

13 reasons for Seat Malaga 1.2 60KM manual in comparison to Lada 2105 2105 Sedan 1.3 64HP manual

Reasons for

Urban consumption

9.1 > 10.2 l
The fuel consumption of the Seat Malaga is 11 percent smaller in comparison to the Lada 2105 2105 Sedan 1.3 64HP manual. Despite the fact that the difference is insensible, in the long run it may cause that your car would be much less expensive to utilize.

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

17.7 > 18 s
The Lada is relatively slower than the Seat Malaga. The difference at the level of 0.3 s is not really significant and it should not be vitally taken into as important for choosing one of compared vehicles.

Top speed

150 > 145 km/h
The maximum velocity of the Seat is greater in comparison to this of the Lada 2105 which allows to drive the same distance on the highway faster. The difference at the level of 3 percent is not big and is imperceptible in everyday driving.


1,650 > 1,447 mm
The width of the vehicle influences on passanger's inner room as well as driving stability. The Seat Malaga is 14 percent wider in relation to the Lada 2105. It is often clearly perceptible by driver and passenger in front, who have more room for their elbows.

Fuel tank

50 > 40 l
The winner of this confrontatnion in the aspect of fuel tank capacity is Seat Malaga which is able to carry by 25 % more petrol compared with the Lada 2105 2105 Sedan.


2,445 > 2,418 mm
Seat Malaga has 27 millimeters longer wheelbase when compared to the Lada 2105 2105 Sedan. A longer wheelbase gives more stable and comfortable ride, especially at higher speeds. It also provides more storage space. But, cars with a longer wheelbase will not be as maneuverable as those with a shorter wheelbase.

Urban range

538 > 382 km

Number of gears

5 > 4 gears
The Seat Malaga have a higher gear count than the Lada 2105 2105 Sedan which means that Seat would have better speeding up and better fuel economy. But the difference is not big and if you are not drag racer at a timed event you would not even feel the difference.


4,275 > 4,130 mm
The Seat Malaga is 4 percent longer when compared to the Lada. The length of the vehicle is important in respect of driving comfort and space in the trunk. The Seat Malaga very likely will be offering to it's passangers more room for legs. At the same time the Seat Malaga 1.2 60HP manual will be better driven but the Lada 2105 will be a little easier to park due to shorter length .

Rear track

1,420 > 1,321 mm

Price range

popular > cheap

Model release date

1985 > 1980
The difference in date of commencement of production between these two vehicles is only 5 years, however, new technologies for automotive industry are appearing at a staggering pace and for that reason the Seat may feature more modern technologieswhich in a consequence may deliver you more joy of having it.

Front track

1,390 > 1,365 mm


6 reasons for Łada 2105 2105 Sedan 1.3 64KM manual in comparison to Seat Malaga 1.2 60HP manual

Reasons for

Maximal power

64 > 60 hp
The horsepower of the Lada 2105 is 7 % grater in comparison to the Seat Malaga 1.2 60HP manual. As the difference is little it should not affect the car performance largely.

Engine capacity

1,295 > 1,194 cc
The Lada has 8 % bigger cubic capacity than the Seat Malaga. As the difference is not big, the Lada 2105 should accelerate only a bit faster, of course assuming that other paramerters are the same.


1,446 > 1,390 mm
If you are a tall man or you carry in the trunk thinks of large dimensions, the Lada, which is by 4 percent higher than the Seat Malaga, would be better option for you. However, compared vehicles do not differ much it the aspect of its height and it should not be much perceptible.

Maximal power RPM

5,600 > 5,800 revolutions/minute

End of model sale

2000 > 1993

Curb weight

995 > 980 kg

Cars specifications

Seat Malaga 1.2 60HP manual Lada 2105 2105 Sedan 1.3 64HP manual
    Price range popular cheap
    Model release date 1985 1980
    Facelifting no no
    Class C C
    Payload 1,455 kg -

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