Mercedes GL-Class X166 450 340HP automatic 4x4 vs Landwind X6 2.0 115HP

Mercedes GL-Class X166 450 340HP automatic 4x4

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7 reasons for

Mercedes GL-Class X166, model available from 2012.
It has 450 340HP ic petrol engine produced from 2012 to 2012.
Drive 4x4 has automatic gearbox.

No reasons for

Landwind X6, model available from 2005.
It has 2.0 115HP petrol engine produced from 2005.
Drive has manual gearbox.

Landwind X6 2.0 115HP

7 reasons for Mercedes Klasa GL X166 450 340KM automat 4x4 in comparison to Landwind X6 2.0 115HP

Reasons for

Maximal power

340 > 115 hp
The Landwind X6 noticeably gives way to the Mercedes in the category of horsepower having them by 196 percent less. Consequently the engine of the Mercedes GL-Class X166, as opposed to the Landwind X6 2.0 115HP, provides relatively lots of power and rapid acceleration.


3,071 > 2,766 mm
The wheelbase of a car equals the distance separating its front and rear wheels. The wheelbase notably affects the driving because of more appropriate car's weight distribution. Mercedes GL-Class X166 has 305 millimeters longer wheelbase distance in comparison to Landwind X6 2.0 115HP. Wheelbase dimensions are crucial to the stability and steering. Thus, the mass of Mercedes GL-Class X166 450 340HP automatic 4x4 should be better distributed and driving should be easier and safer.

Engine capacity

4,663 > 2,001 cc
The engine displacement of the Landwind X6 2.0 115HP is so much lower ( around 133 % less when compared to the Landwind X6 2.0 115HP, that it not reallu have a sense to make the decision which one should you choose. These cars are so varying that on the basis of information about engine capacity we can only choose between engine’s performance and car’s economy.

Price range

luxury > cheap

Model release date

2012 > 2005
Production of the older vehicle began much more earlier than its rival thus it is reasonable to suppose that this car gives way to Mercedes GL-Class X166 because it has significantly less advanced solutions .


automatic > manual
Automatic gearbox installed in the Mercedes GL-Class X166 in spite of having a few drawback gives much more better comfort of driving. After a long ride especially in the city you probably would be less exhausted. Also automatic puts less strain on the engine because of the factory settings of shifts in specific revs range.

Number of seats

7 > 5


No reasons for Landwind X6 2.0 115KM in comparison to Mercedes GL-Class X166 450 340HP automatic 4x4

Cars specifications

Mercedes GL-Class X166 450 340HP automatic 4x4 Landwind X6 2.0 115HP
    Gross trailer weight 3,500 kg -
    Price range luxury cheap
    Model release date 2012 2005
    Facelifting no no
    Code name X166 -
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