MG 6 1.8 turbo 133HP vs Seat Toledo IV 1.2 75HP manual

MG 6 1.8 turbo 133HP

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6 reasons for

MG 6, model available from 2011.
It has 1.8 turbo 133HP petrol engine produced from 2011.
Drive has manual gearbox.

2 reasons for

Seat Toledo IV, model available from 2012.
It has 1.2 75HP petrol engine produced from 2012.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

Seat Toledo IV 1.2 75HP manual

6 reasons for MG 6 1.8 turbo 133KM in comparison to Seat Toledo IV 1.2 75HP manual

Reasons for

Maximal power

133 > 75 hp
The MG 6 has by 58 horsepowers more horsepower compared to Seat. The MG 6 will be distinctly more dynamically accelerate owing to grater amout of horses under its hoot. Also maneuvers like overtaking and passing cars or obstacles while driving should be a piece of cake for a vehicle equipped with stronger motor.

Fuel tank

62 > 55 l
The winner of these two vehicles in the category of fuel tank size is MG which can take by 7 liters more gasoline than the Seat Toledo IV.


4,651 > 4,480 mm
The MG is 4 % longer in comparison to the Seat. The length of the vehicle is significant in terms of driving comfort and space in the boot. The MG 6 1.8 turbo 133HP very likely will be offering to it's users more room for legs. At the same time the MG will be better driven but the Seat Toledo IV will be a slightly easier to park because of shorter length of the body.

Number of doors

5 > 4
A 5-door car generally means a hatchback and because of that the MG, which whole rear including the window lifts up and the rear seats folds flat enlarging a luggage compartment, has the edge on the four-door Seat which in turn has a smaller trunk cut off from the passenger compartment.


1,473 > 1,459 mm
The higher a car is, the better is the comfort of getting in to it and greater capacity of putting big amount of thinks to it. The difference at the level of 1 percent in favor of the MG 6 is little and does not matter much.

Front track

1,553 > 1,466 mm


2 reasons for Seat Toledo IV 1.2 75KM manual in comparison to MG 6 1.8 turbo 133HP

Reasons for


2,608 > 1,563 mm
The Seat Toledo IV has 1,045 millimeters longer wheelbase than the MG. The shorter wheelbase, the less time exists for shock absorption by the separate suspension components. Thus the Seat with a longer wheelbase will provide the smoothest travel. But, the MG 6 with shorter distance between its axles have tighter turning angles and can corner faster than equivalent vehicles with longer wheelbases.

Model release date

2012 > 2011
Because of the fact that the MG 6 was introduced only 1 year earlier than the Seat Toledo IV, the gap between technology used in both vehicles is not really huge, however, the Seat Toledo IV might feature slightly more new solutions used in it.

Cars specifications

MG 6 1.8 turbo 133HP Seat Toledo IV 1.2 75HP manual
    Gross trailer weight - 745 kg
    Price range popular popular
    Model release date 2011 2012
    Facelifting no no
    Class C C
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