Nissan Qashqai II 1.2 DIG-T 115HP manual vs UAZ 469 2.4 98HP

Nissan Qashqai II 1.2 DIG-T 115HP manual

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8 reasons for

Nissan Qashqai II, model available from 2014.
It has 1.2 DIG-T 115HP petrol engine produced from 2014.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 6 speed gearbox.

3 reasons for

UAZ 469, model available from 1972 to 1988.
It has 2.4 98HP petrol engine produced from 1980 to 1988.
Drive has manual gearbox.

UAZ 469 2.4 98HP

8 reasons for Nissan Qashqai II 1.2 DIG-T 115KM manual in comparison to UAZ 469 2.4 98HP

Reasons for

Maximal power

115 > 98 hp
The horsepower is a parameter that majority of car fans pay the greatest attention to. In this case, it is the Nissan Qashqai II which has by 17 percent horsepower more in comparison to the UAZ, which makes this car somewhat better in terms of high speed. With more horsepower the Nissan Qashqai II will also give somewhat better efficiency in specific gears.


1,800 > 1,785 mm
Width of a car affects room in the cabin and also stability on road. The Nissan Qashqai II is widther by 1 percent than the UAZ 469 2.4 98HP and is not really relevant. The average for the „mini 4x4” segment is approximately 1,797 millimeters and is by 3 mm smaller than the same feature of the Nissan Qashqai II.


2,644 > 2,377 mm
Nissan Qashqai II 1.2 DIG-T 115HP manual has 11 percent longer wheelbase in relation to the UAZ 469 2.4 98HP. A longer wheelbase provides more stable and comfortable ride, especially when driving fast. It also provides more storage space. But, cars with a longer wheelbase will not be as maneuverable as those with a shorter wheelbase.


4,380 > 4,025 mm
The Nissan is 9 % longer when compared to the UAZ 469. The length of the vehicle is important in respect of driving comfort and room in the boot. The Nissan Qashqai II 1.2 DIG-T 115HP manual preasumbly will be offering to it's passangers more room for legs. Aditionally the Nissan Qashqai II 1.2 DIG-T 115HP manual will be better driven but the UAZ 469 2.4 98HP will be a slightly easier for parking because of shorter length .

Rear track

1,563 > 1,453 mm

Price range

popular > trucks

Model release date

2014 > 1972

Front track

1,564 > 1,453 mm


3 reasons for UAZ 469 2.4 98KM in comparison to Nissan Qashqai II 1.2 DIG-T 115HP manual

Reasons for

Fuel tank

79 > 54 l
The winner of these two vehicles in the aspect of fuel tank size is UAZ 469 2.4 98HP that can hold by 25 l more gasoline in comparison to the Nissan.


2,044 > 1,590 mm
Those who prefer more comfortable use of a car and like to feel safe sitting on higher position at the steering wheel we strongly encourage to choose the UAZ 469 2.4 98HP. However to those who enjoy sporting driving the Nissan Qashqai II might be a better option. The difference in height between compared cars is of 454 millimeters. The average medium height in compact SUV segment, in which the producer UAZ is classified, equals to around 1,704 millimeters and the UAZ 469 is higher by 340 millimeters than the average.

Number of seats

7 > 5

Cars specifications

Nissan Qashqai II 1.2 DIG-T 115HP manual UAZ 469 2.4 98HP
    Gross trailer weight 1,199 kg -
    Price range popular trucks
    Model release date 2014 1972
    Facelifting no no
    Class compact SUV compact SUV

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