Subaru XV 1.6i 114HP manual 4x4 vs Suzuki SX4 II 1.6 VVT 120HP manual

Subaru XV 1.6i 114HP manual 4x4

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18 reasons for

Subaru XV, model available from 2012.
It has 1.6i 114HP petrol engine produced from 2012.
Drive 4x4 has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

11 reasons for

Suzuki SX4 II, model available from 2013.
It has 1.6 VVT 120HP petrol engine produced from 2013.
Drive on the front axle has manual, 5 speed gearbox.

Suzuki SX4 II 1.6 VVT 120HP manual

18 reasons for Subaru XV 1.6i 114KM manual 4x4 in comparison to Suzuki SX4 II 1.6 VVT 120HP manual

Reasons for

Maximal torque RPM

4,000 > 4,400 revolutions/minute
A greater range and a lower value of rotations at which the highest torque is reached affects an engine’s efficiency and flexibility. Still, in order to have a full perspective on a car’s engine performance, it is always good to check a torque graph.


1,779 > 1,762 mm
The width of the vehicle influences on passanger's inner room as well as stability of driving. The Subaru XV 1.6i 114HP manual 4x4 is 1 % wider when compared to the Suzuki SX4 II. It is often clearly felt by those sitting in front, who have more room for their elbows.


923 > 909 km

Fuel tank

61 > 50 l
The Suzuki SX4 II 1.6 VVT 120HP manual loses with the Subaru XV 1.6i 114HP manual 4x4 in the aspect of fuel tank size. The Subaru is able to take by 11 l more fuel compared with its competitor.


2,635 > 2,595 mm
The wheelbase of a car equals the length between its front and rear wheels. The wheelbase notably affects the driving because of more appropriate car's weight distribution. Subaru XV has 40 millimeters longer wheelbase distance than Suzuki SX4 II. Wheelbase dimensions are crucial to the stability and steering. Thus, the mass of Subaru should be better distributed and driving should be smoother and safer.

Urban range

750 > 735 km

Ground clearance

218 > 172 mm
Ground clearance is the minimum distance between the car body and the ground. From these two cars, it is the Subaru XV 1.6i 114HP manual 4x4 which has 27 % higher ground clearance than the Suzuki. For this reason the Subaru XV will deal better with dirt roads and obstacles in the city. However, the higher ground clearance means a higher center of gravity, which can adversely influence the handling of the car.

Engine capacity

1,601 > 1,587 cc
The Subaru XV has by 14 cc greater cubic capacity in comparison to the Suzuki SX4 II. This may have a little impact when it comes to accleration, as both values are quite simmilar.


4,450 > 4,295 mm
The Subaru XV is 4 percent longer when compared to the Suzuki SX4 II. Long cars have more interior space and usually have bigger trunk. Although the Subaru XV 1.6i 114HP manual 4x4 seems to be better for families or those who appreciate comfortable rides that make them feel fresh and relaxed upon arriving, the Suzuki SX4 II may appeal to the young because it will not make problems with parking and will have smaller turning radius.

Rear track

1,525 > 1,505 mm

Cylinder layout

boxer > inline
A Boxer placed inside the Subaru occurs to be noticeably better because it is smaller and creates less vibrations compared to engine with cylinders arranged in a straight line. What is more you should keep in mind its flat design causes that a automobile has the benefit of a lower center of gravity what affects the better grip. The advantage of engine which cylinders are arranged in a line, like the one installed in the Suzuki, is that because of its simplicity of construction it can be fuel efficient compared to other types of engines.


1,616 > 1,574 mm
If you are a tall man or you tend to carry in the trunk stuffs of big size, the Subaru, which is by 42 mm higher than the Suzuki SX4 II, would be better pick for you. However, these two vehicles do not differ much in its height and it should not be much perceptible.

Tire width

225 > 205 mm

Maximal power RPM

5,600 > 6,000 revolutions/minute


1,945 > 1,735 kg

Tire diameter

17 > 16 ″

Tire profile

55 > 60 %

Curb weight

1,457 > 1,090 kg


11 reasons for Suzuki SX4 II 1.6 VVT 120KM manual in comparison to Subaru XV 1.6i 114HP manual 4x4

Reasons for

Maximal power

120 > 114 hp
The horsepower is a this thing that majority of drivers pay the greatest attention to. In this comparison, it is the Suzuki SX4 II that has by 6 horsepower more when compared to the Subaru XV, which makes this car somewhat quicker. With more horsepower the Suzuki should also give slightly more flexiblility in specific speeds.

Average consumption

5.6 > 6.3 l
The Suzuki SX4 II uses 0.7 l less fuel in the combined cycle in relation to the Subaru XV 1.6i 114HP manual 4x4. The Suzuki SX4 II, which is palced in „small off-road 4x4” segment uses by 1.9 l less fuel than the average in its class. The average fuel consumption in this class in the combined cycle is 7.5 l.

Maximal torque

156 > 150 Nm
The Suzuki SX4 II has 6 newton meters more torque in relation to the Subaru. Although most of people do not attach importance the maximum torque when buying a automobile, it presents the best how fast a car is speeding up. As far as these two vehicles are concerned the difference is not really big so it probably will not make a real difference in feeling of driving a car.

Urban consumption

6.8 > 8 l
The fuel consumption of the Suzuki SX4 II is 15 percent better than the Subaru XV 1.6i 114HP manual 4x4. Despite the fact that the difference is small, in the long run it may make that your car would be noticably cheper to utilize.

Trunk capacity

431 > 342 l
With more trunk space the Suzuki will have much more room for carrying things and be more usefull vehicle than the Subaru XV. If the capacity of the luggage compartment is appeals to you, the Suzuki SX4 II will be better choice as it is around 89 liters more spacious than the boot of the Subaru.

Top speed

180 > 179 km/h
The top speed of the Suzuki SX4 II 1.6 VVT 120HP manual is higher in comparison to this of the Subaru XV which allows to travel the same distance on the highway faster. The difference at the level of 1 percent is little and is not realy noticable in everyday use.

Extra-urban consumption

4.7 > 5.8 l

Extra-urban range

1,042 > 1,034 km

Maximum load capacity

645 > 480 kg

Model release date

2013 > 2012
The difference in release date between presented cars is only 1 year, however, new technologies for vehicles are appearing at a dizzying pace what may cause that the Suzuki SX4 II 1.6 VVT 120HP manual may have more advanced solutions.

Front track

1,538 > 1,525 mm

Cars specifications

Subaru XV 1.6i 114HP manual 4x4 Suzuki SX4 II 1.6 VVT 120HP manual
    Gross trailer weight 1,505 kg -
    Price range popular popular
    Model release date 2012 2013
    Facelifting no no
    Class compact SUV compact SUV
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